Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers!

The trip was very much a success in more ways than ever imaginable!

Please pray for us one more time. Pray that we may have the strength to take what we have learned and put it in to practice. Our lives here are much busier than they were in Mexico.

Thank you again!

This was the view from our plane ride last night.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

In Acapulco!

The point of being here is to reflect and process our past two weeks in Mexico. Much needed.
Just a bonus that it was in such a beautiful place!

Adios Ometepec!

It is time to leave. :(
We are in Acapulco for the night. We will get some time on the beach tomorrow morning and then off to the airport!

Thank you for your prayers!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last day here... :(

We had our last class today with the students at Carey Brenton school. They were a pleasure to teach. It was very sad to say goodbye to them and them to us. Today we did skits with them and they had to guess, in english, what was happening.

Here is a picture of one of our classes.

We are going to walk around town .

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 10

Sunday was a great day. We were all able to catch up on some much needed rest. Somehow, it didn't seem long enough! We had hamburger and hot dogs for lunch! Good old' American meal! That felt good to have. Later that night we Had some bonding time. Games, fresh cookies and ice cream! We had a good laugh!

Monday started early. We taught English lessons in the morning. We headed to the missionaries house to set up decorations for a party to celebrate 'Dia de estudiante' (students day). As we all came back to eat lunch and shower up, we discovered we were out of water! We got back and all crawled in bed, then... The power went out! That meant no fans! It was so hot! It's hard to sleep while sweating. The power came back on in the middle of the night. But the water didn't come back until today.
Why am I telling you this? We have all gained a better understanding of taking things for granted. This we have discussed that we pray we never take it for granted again:
- running water to brush our teeth
- air conditioning
- ice
- cold water

I think it has given us a new respect for this culture. Life isn't easy here.

Today we taught english lessons as a whole and played with the kids for 15 min of the class.
We offered the missionaries, Ben and Katie, a date. We have their kids and are feeding them lunch while they are out together. They don't get that very often so we are all more than willing to keep the 4 kids for a few hours.
After lunch we are headed to a neighborhood to just drop a ball and play with kids. We are greatly looking forward to that!

- please pray for our health. Some of us are struggling a little with the food and dehydration.
- pray for open hearts of the kids we have reached and those we will reach today
- pray for a rejuvenation of the missionary family here, the Johnsons, whether they need it or not!

Gracias! Buenos trades!

- Carpet ball game from the party we had.
- Group fun while out I dinner
- Some girls we have played with that were awesome people

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pictures from the past few days...

The two blonde boys are the Johnson boys. (the missionaries we are working with)
These are the sunrises that we have been able to see. It rise around 7 am.
The group picture is one of 5 groups we have when we teach English.
One is of us beating some boys at the school in soccer... In skirts! (shorts underneath)
The other is of a boy wearing a salvation hat while some youth group girls told the story of the colors. We are used to salvation bracelets.

Day 7

Internet is back!!

We have a great few days.
Two days ago we got a full day of rain! First real rain since October! We helped clean the Johnson's yard area for a get together with the youth later that night. We had so much fun cleaning.
Yesterday we went outside of Ompetepec to La Boluda. We ended up playing a game with the girls at the school. We were mixed in with the girls on each team. During halftime, I (Riley) shared my testimony. It was clear the Lord spoke through me. I felt like I didn't say it right. But the Lord grabbed my words and spoke them to everyone for me. Praise the Lord!
We have had a lot of fun together, many random things, quotes and jokes.
Yesterday we were all challenged to sit ad be reminded of why we are here and to put on the Armor of God to protect us from small attacks that bring us down. It has been REALLLY hot. That seams to be the biggest struggle... It's been hard to look past the heat.
Today we are headed to Pinotepa to put on clinics and play in the afternoon. Please be in prayer for our travels and safety while we play.

Please be in prayer for Heather and Casey. Heather has not bee feeling to well. She got antibiotics. She played yesterday during futbol rapido, 5v5, and scored probably 8 times in a row! But she is feeling it this morning. Just a little tired.
Casey has developed up a rash on her hands. We are trying to figure it out. We thought maybe it was the Mangos. Now we think it's just a heat rash of some sort. But it itches a lot. I think she may go to the Doctor when we get back today.

Gracias por sus oraciones! (thank you for all your prayers!)

Ps. We all love learning and trying to speak in Spanish! Many of us are starting to think and write in our journals in Spangish!